How To Refresh Your Home AFTER Covid-19 LOCKDOWN

Ah the iso-COVID bubble. It is intense, right? And if you’re in VIC, the lock down has never been more real, good news is, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!


If you’re anything like me, the government enforced grounding was both a blessing and a bit of hindrance. On one hand, it was lovely to embrace the slowness of life for a change, be with my children and take a step back to think of what truly is important.


On the other? Every corner of my home started to make me twitch, and that was the first time around!


The cushions no longer seemed fresh and crisp, the artwork uninspired and the entryway? Don’t even get me started, shoes!


So, I did a little COVID 2.0 refresh. The results? SO amazing.


If you’ve been looking for a few quick wins to update your home styling, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve sourced some wonderful on trend must-haves to suit most homes and budgets.


And dont forget, be kind to yourself and have a little fun with the Co-Vid 2.0 refresh, after spending so much time at home, its time to look to colour & trends that will reflect our desire for strength, reassurance and emotional connection.


HELLO cOLOUR in 2021

The easiest way to update your home is to play with colour, seasonally. Dulux ‘s 2021 Colour Forecast has just been revealed, and as I suspected, colour is in!!! Hues of soft earthy tones, muted greens and gentle greys.


Everything from your bedding to your favourite nook vignette can be updated to suit these current trends. 

My pick? Soft soothing pallets.


They have the ability to blend with natural materials such as wood, rattan, white oak and bamboo, so give them a try, the pastel hues are relatively fuss-free to incorporate our favoured whitewashed interior. 


Note to my friends coming out of ISO-lock down -Think about using pastels in your favourite space, pastel hues have the ability to make you feel light, soft and even calm. 


Bedroom update, sign me up!

Working from Home? Let’s talk usable nooks

Entryways, lounge side tables, under the stairs and spare room tidy-ups, all of these areas can make a real difference to your space and livability of your home during and after Co-Vid lockdowns.


Add some beautiful vases, art that matches your latest cushions and a new mirror. You will be surprised at how quickly you have taken your space from bland to beautiful in no time!


Stylist Note: My fav mirrors right now are Arch, update your mirror and update your space in one simple piece. Promise.

Add Greenery

Not only do plants elevate any space, but they also purify the air in your home, naturally. For this reason, I’ll always recommend choosing real plants over fakes.


Choose one large standout plant, this used to be a fiddle leaf, but this stylist is giving you the hot tip, move over the fiddle leaf and hello Olive tree!  Try accentuating this Olive tree with a cluster of smaller planters or an oversized concrete planter, as I have done below.


I understand that there are many of us that just simply dont have the indoor green-thumb, cue the cactus and devils ivy! They will give you durability and interesting shapes to fill that corner with living sculpture. 


And another selling point, It’s also an excellent way to bring colours in via your chosen planters. Don’t be scared to add a little fun to your pots. It really brings out the personality of a room, I love these pots with faces moulded into them, so chic.

I hope you enjoyed my
colour trend tips and style refresh for your home post

Everything in my blog can be purchased through my ‘shop it now’ links on this website.  So no excuses for bland nooks in your homes any more! 

Keeping your homes fresh and exciting, will keep your mood elevated. #happyhomes


Stay tuned for more exciting interior and styling tips next month!
We will be diving into the world of vignettes to love.

As a mother, interior stylist and renovation-aholic, I understand the must-haves for a functional as well as a beautiful home.

I have so much to share in my upcoming blogs and projects, so keep checking in.  If you were to pigeon hole my favoured styles it would be monochromatic colour palettes with a luxe inviting edge, and as always, add a pop of colour, your mood will thank you later…

X Alicia